constellations of thought

This isn't just a tool;

it's a movement.

it’s all interconnected.

So why don’t we show it that way?

Cassiopea emerges as a ground-breaking content visualisation tool for connected information.

It is here to make sense of complexity with style.

Join us, and let’s chart the hidden patterns of thought that shape our world.

Our mission

At Cassiopea, we’re on a mission to clear up the mental fog that clutters our understanding of complex ideas. Let’s face it: the world’s smart, but it’s also a mess of information.

Cassiopea cuts through the chaos, giving users a slick, graph-based way to see how ideas connect—because who says only astronomers get to play with constellations?

Our goal is simple: make it easier to grasp the big picture, whether you’re a solo thinker or part of a brainy bunch. Cassiopea isn’t just about looking at pretty diagrams; it’s about diving deep, finding unexpected links, and having those “aha!” moments on repeat.

case study - Regenerative Patterns

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our Solution

We’re building more than

a slick website builder.

We’re creating a paradigm shifter.

who it’s for

Cassiopea isn’t for everyone. We’re the secret weapon for the curious, the bold, and the brilliant—those not satisfied with scratching the surface or following well-trodden paths. Here’s the rundown on who’s going to love diving into our constellations of thought:





Decision Makers &




Educators &

Research Institutions

Communities &


new age of app dev

Cassiopea is user-funded. This means it’s only us, building a tool for you. No one in between.

Cassiopea is regenerative-focused. We believe the Age of regeneration needs new tools. Tools that show how everything is connected.

Cassiopea is purpose-driven. All the proceeds of the app go to further system-thinking tools role in this adventure we call humanity.

Meet the people


Jo Petroni

Jo Petroni is an architect and advocate for regenerative design. With a passion for transforming the industry and developing innovative concepts, Jo bridges the gap between architects, developers, and investors to drive meaningful change forward.

She's a co-creator at The Carbon Almanac, a collective effort led by Seth Godin that puts the facts about carbon and climate change on the table as well as cofounder of Connect the Carbon Dots.

This isn't just a tool;

it's a movement.